Chez Cirqaurant theatervoorstelling opens the Festival of Fools 2022

This will be the first performance abroad for Chez Cirqaurant. This will be the European premiere and it will be the opening of the Festival of Fools in Barcelona!
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Chez Cirqaurant @ the Festival of Fools 2022 in Barcelona!

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Chez Cirqaurant @ Festival of Fools Festival of Fools and Chez Cirqaurant

After a dreadful period of 2 years covid, the show finally has the opportunity again to perform. We startend to make the show just before the beginning of covid. But after a few inspirational sessions online the crisis broke out during the whole of Europe. We decided to go on with the production proces through video calls, video transfers etc……

After this period we played a few try outs and finally last year, we had the Dutch Premiere in October of 2021. Ofcourse as we all know covid was still there so gain there was a stop. This summer, we could play a couple of outside shows so it is now time for the European Premiere.

What place will be better than Barcelona as opening for the new Festival of Fools!

Het evenement is afgelopen.


09 sep 2022

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Locatie 2

Centre Cívic Drassanes

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